Social Media

Hosted the Frightdome Black Carpet Live Stream. Pre-publicity, wireless microphones and long form planned content garned 17,000 views, 169 shares & 1,200 comments in 3 days! (ABOVE)

Recently we also worked a 1 Month campaign with Fresh Body aiming at Males 18-45. With only $500 in social media ads and a simple campaign, we grew their facebook by 7,000 likes!

Current and Past Social Media Clients include:

  • Regal Cinemas
  • Fresh Body National
  • The Vape Summit
  • The Country Network
  • Armanino Foods
  • Southern Nevada Smokehouse
  • Designs For Health
  • Hunters Coffee
  • Pinkbox Doughnuts
  • Dr. Reefer
  • Review Nation
  • Sai Sushi
  • Tape Relief
  • Esteban LLC
  • And many more!
What is Social Media Management: Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and more.

Our Goals and Services are as follows:

Our Goals

To increase brand awareness through content, creative and timely postings and regular targeted content aimed at your demographic and the people in their circles.

Our Services

Full content postings, Social Media instruction, timely photos and pre-produced videos. All of which will be posted at high traffic times and aimed at reaching your audience and being “shared” and “liked” by your followers.

  • Date: May, 2017
  • Services: Teaching, Content, Marketing, Produced Videos

We had been in quest to find a local website creator and graphic designer for several months, but the few ones I got in touch with never seemed able to meet our standards and taste. Finally, when I discovered Bold Nation Media through a business acquaintance, it appeared likely that such a passionate designer would be the partner we had been looking for — which became obvious as soon as we started working together. After reviewing our requirements, Bold Nation sent us a few proposals and, taking great care, created numerous modifications. Most importantly, each modification introduced that special detail that makes all the difference. Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results. Thanks Bold Nation Media.

Alex Inda, Market Manager - Reagan Outdoor Advertising